domingo, 27 de março de 2011

Love, love, love...

And that makes me happy...

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  1. The Reason Is You

    You're the reason for these butterflies
    That are fluttering uncontrollable inside of me
    These butterflies will never calm
    They've taken over my whole body

    You're the reason for this smile
    That brightens my whole face
    This smile will never frown
    You've unknowingly became my all

    You make me feel alive once again
    You've erased my past with just a touch
    Chased my fears with just one glance
    You broke my mold with that first kiss

    I thought my happiness was forbidden
    Until you took my world and killed my demons
    Read into all my deepest dreams
    And gave them beautiful wings

    You're the reason I believe in love

    Ashlei Dankenbring